Friday, April 29, 2011

The Weir Whirlwind Hits Again!

Johnny Weir has become one of our favorite in-studio guests. He's fun, he plays along, and he says what he wants. Snaps!! One of the things he was promoting was his Little Black Dress Collection. We decided to put his fashion expertise to test and have him give our news guy, Whip, a makeover.   I'm sure Whip was a bit nervous when he saw Johnny walk in wearing a thigh-length striped sweater, leggings, and emerald patent leather shoes!

Johnny came on the morning of the royal wedding. When he looked at the TV monitor in the studio and saw the crowd that had gathered for the royal wedding he said, "OMG it looks like the frickin' opening ceremonies of the Olympics!!" Eric commented that about 20 minutes into the ceremony, William had that look of 'every' groom.....OMG this is it. I'm married. To which Johnny replied, "He’s got that look because there’s no more fresh 'love'.  She’s IT for the rest of his life.”  Really?!  Have you looked at him and that bald head?  Yes, he’s a prince but she’s HOT!  He’s lucky to have her the rest of his life!

We may have offended Johnny when he was leaving the studio.  He and Eric were complaining about their allergies when Johnny said, “Well, that’s what happens when you’re 40.”  Everyone in the studio responded with shock.  “You are NOT 40!!!”  “Seriously?!  That’s impossible!”   He looked at us like we were a bunch of dopes and said, “I’m 26.”  Oops.  Sorry Johnny!!  And he thought HE was the one in an Ambien haze!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Please Kristin, Be Cool!

When I found out SNL's Kristen Wiig was coming in the studio to promote "Bridesmaids" with one of her co-stars, I was worried.  Typically when a celeb does a publicity tour with a co-star, it means that celeb doesn't want to talk much during the interviews.  In many cases it's because they're famous for something else - like a different role, or some controversy going on in their personal life.

I was hoping that was NOT the case with Kristen.  She is such a riot on SNL, I imagined her coming here, talking about her movie, then breaking into one of her characters from SNL.  My hopes were dashed when I received this memo......

You cannot do any webcasts/video while doing the radio interview.  Because it will be Melissa and Kristen together we’ve been asked to give outlets a heads up that Kristen will not do any of her SNL characters during an interview.

Crap!  No GIlly.  No Target lady.  :(  In Kristen's defense, I get it.  It would get old to be asked at every interview to break into character and do something funny.  When I think about it, we don't ask other actors to break into characters from a past role.  On the other hand, we have had SNL stars in the studio willingly doing characters from the show.... Will Ferrell, Darrell Hammond, Molly Shannon.

Kristen Wiig was for me, that cool girl in high school you REALLY wanted to be friends with.  And, just like high school, I was left feeling a little dejected after getting the chance to 'hang' with her.  But I wasn't SO disappointed that I won't watch her on SNL and still crack up at everything she does!